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 MW2 tips that might be usefull

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PostSubject: MW2 tips that might be usefull   Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:34 pm

I saw this and decided to post it. A couple of quick tips for youall. Then Watch map durring kill cam seems the best

Quote :

Shorten your reload time without Sleight of Hand/Cancel reload
+Shorten Reload Time
When you reload, double tap Y once the ammo counter on the bottom right is full.
You'll be able to do the following without waiting for the rest of the animation to finish:
- ADS (aim down sights) ASAP
- Shoot ASAP

+Cancel Reload
Incase you reload at the wrong time, and you KNOW you have just enough ammo to pull things off, cancel your reload and make a comeback!
Same as before just double tap Y at any time. BUT it will not count as a reload if you do it before the counter fills up.

Recover faster after using Predator Missle
It always sucks when someone attacks you almost seconds after your predator missile. And it sucks because what you have in your hands is not a gun... but a fuckin laptop! You can eliminate that action entirely by doing the following:
Just before the screen transitions into the "Pred-Cam". you push Y and it will show you unloading the "laptop" as the screen transitions to predcam.
- When the predator missile is done, you will already have your weapon ready the moment your back. "it will look like you died and respawned but you really just did the dropping suitcase animation before the pred"

Know enemy positions without hacks/exploits
Something that blue atlas (not me) mentioned in the posts below...
You can see enemy positions when you push start while the kill cam is playing. most importantly: LOOK AT THE FUCKIN MAP

I haven't used it much, but it's always interesting to see where people will be camping. tsk tsk

Meh, I actually forgot a few. Oh well. There are some bad ones like when you drop the BOMB after planting and place a claymore RIGHT after, your sprite will go through the pickup AND drop animation right after. Though, im sure veterans know that one.

Thats it for now, peace... and WAR.
Flame on kids.

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MW2 tips that might be usefull
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